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A day full of colour, paint and excitement! There's nothing that comes close to the energy these kids have, thank you Artreach for this opportunity.

- Svabhu Kohli

Volunteer artist Mike Benevenia joined us in painting a wall of Katkatha studios

Intensives take place in many locations:  schools, slums, parks, community centres, care homes, night shelters.  


We partner with organisations that understand and are sensitive to each community’s contexts, needs and challenges.  


Artists from India, and many other countries including the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, France have volunteered to lead Artreach Intensives!

Video Archive

We also have a pretty selection of videos from our programmes, such as student made stop-motion films or participant interviews.

Becoming a bird and a mermaid in one of our online workshops around self portraits
Becoming a bird and a monkey in one of our online workshops around self portraits

We Did a Whole Lot More!

An archive of all the intensive workshops we have done, beginning in December 2010 with Salaam Baalak Trust at New Delhi Railway Station.


Painting a huge flower bright red on to the wall during a mural intensive workshop.


Artists from India and across the world come together with children and young people to make murals, installations and visual stories that transform community spaces. 


These high energy engagements are empowering, sparking participants’ imaginations and introducing them to new skills and a world of creativity, colour and joy.  


Children love the process of the Intensive: brainstorming for ideas, developing a vision for their space, sketching out the mural and the thrill of painting it, holding a paintbrush sometimes for the first time.

There are many ways to get involved... an artist, volunteer or organisation.

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