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Online Teaching

Covid response

Our transformative art workshops skillfully adapted for the Covid era. Learn more

Teaching Fellowship

The Teaching Fellowship is an intensive foundation course in art for children and young people living in care.  Learn more

Teaching Residency

Teaching Residencies offer children and young people from marginalised communities a comprehensive experience of art education and in depth training in specific creative skills.  Learn more

Participants interacting joyfully in one of our online workhops with partnering school Loka in Bihar

Teaching Programmes

Teaching art to the same group of children and young people over time can have a huge impact on their lives -  developing their artistic skills, as well as their confidence, and capacity for original and creative thought. It can also open up new opportunities for them - to pursue a career in the arts. 

Our team of experienced artist educators give workshops themselves, as well as supporting many other artists to lead programmes and workshops. 

Teaching Fellowship

Our Teaching Fellowship was initiated in 2015 and since 2016 has been supported by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.  It was imagined as a foundation course in art for young people living in Child Care Institutions, culminating in an exhibition of their work and the process of the fellowship.  

A beautiful collage artwork made by a participant in one of our workhops led by artist Dhwani Shah during Artreach-KNMA Teaching Fellowship in 2021

There are many ways to get involved... an artist, volunteer or organisation.

Participants creating and thinking together on a large piece of paper

We teach in different spaces: Child Care Institutions, Community Centres and Government Schools, in urban and rural India.  We partner with organisations who are familiar with the children and communities, their contexts, needs, hopes and dreams.  

Participants from Nari Gunjan proudly showcasing the clay works made by them during a pottery workshop led by Anarya from Artreach team
A still life painting made by a participant from our partnering school Nari Gunjan in Patna.

Teaching Residencies

Artreach leads many more long-duration transformational teaching programmes for children and young people.

Online Teaching

In March 2020 the strict lockdown declared across India meant reaching the communities we work with on the ground was impossible; we needed to develop new creative teaching methods and tools to shift our programmes online for as many participants as possible.  

Landscape paintings during our online workshops between 2020-21 filled participants with hope and wonder for the natural world, something that they longed to go back to
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