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We work with artists to transform the lives of children, young people and women from marginalised communities in India.

Nari Gunjan workshop led by Tyga Helme
Community Arts

One brick at a time

We support long term socially engaged projects led by artists in challenging spaces through year long grants.


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Our community arts grant empowers community artists and communities. A participant from Aksa showcases her dream of becoming
Teaching Programmes

Inspiring young minds

Experienced artist-educators impart creative skills to children and young people from care homes and NGO and government schools. 


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Through our Apprenticeship, Internship and Mentorship program, some of our alumni have been successfully placed with studios

Transforming spaces

Artists from around the world join us for high energy intensives with children and young people at care homes and NGO run schools, in village parks and city slums.


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Nurturing artistic growth through mural intensives, participants from a partner school in Tonk paint their school walls and t
Artroom & AIM

Fulfilling dreams

Many alumni go on to join Artroom sessions led by creative professionals, and internships with some of the country's leading artists, art institutions and design houses - towards pursing their dream careers in the arts!


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Learning bookmaking through different ways of binding in an online workshop in 2020 led by artists Ita and Anarya at Loka Sch
Our Programmes

Our programmes are always artist led and moulded from the ground up by the particular contexts of a community and its environment. We listen carefully to our participants and their teachers and carers, to their needs and their dreams, what they want to learn, how they would like to grow.


Most of our engagements run over months and years – so that relationships build and lasting change can happen. Even short-term Intensives leave joyful marks in a space that may inspire for years to come.

There are many ways to get involved... an artist, volunteer or organisation.

Artist Tahsin Akhtar demonstrates building of sculptures and props in a storytelling workshop at one of our partnering care h
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